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Bikini Bombshell Contest


Preliminary #1 July 11, 2013

Thank you for your interest in the Sixth Annual Bikini Bombshell Contest at L’Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles. We want this to be a fun and positive event that you can be proud of participating in! We hope to give you an idea of what to expect during the competition.

The contest will take place at L’Auberge Casino Resort during at their weekly Party by the Pool-Liquid Society outdoor concert. Gates open at 7pm, our contest is at 7:30pm the band will go onstage at 8:30pm. There is a $10 admission charge for the event and it is 21 & up only. (Contestants will be given a pass to enter after the contest). L’Auberge is located at 777 Avenue L’Auberge, Lake Charles, LA 70601. In case of rain the contest will take place inside Jack Daniels Bar & Grill on the LLC property.

Contest Attire: Bikini & high heels. Bikinis must be in good taste and absolutely no thongs or g-strings will be allowed. Competition bikinis are acceptable as long as they have at least 50% rear coverage. If your bikini is considered unacceptable you will not be able to compete. If you are in doubt, contact Kylie at DarQest Tan. High heels may be any style, they do not have to be clear. We suggest that you wear a cover-up or sundress over your bikini to the Villa to reduce prep time.

Judging: Each preliminary we will have 3 different judges who consist of local “celebrities”.
Contestants are judged on the following three criteria:
􀀀 Stage Presence/Personality – Includes attitude & crowd interaction.
􀀀 Fitness – How the body looks.
􀀀 Overall Beauty – the whole package.
􀀀 Deductions will be made for lewd or inappropriate behavior and/or dancing.

On the night of the competition we will meet in Villa #7 no later than 6:30pm!

The Bikini Bombshell Contest Format:

Parking: Park in the parking garage or in the front lot. The Party by the Pool/Liquid Society parking lot does not open until 7pm.
How to find Villa #7: Upon entering the main LLC lobby from the outside, turn left and follow the hall then taking a right towards Jack Daniels. Pass Jack Daniels, the VIP Villa entrance will be on your left just before you reach the glass doors leading outside to the boat docks. Villa #7 is on the ground floor and will be the last one at the end of the hallway.

In villa:
􀀀 There will be time to change into your bikini and/or do final makeup & hair adjustments. If you require more that 15 minutes of prep time, please arrive before 6:30pm.
􀀀 Out of town contestants who are traveling in and need more time to get ready and/or those needing to arrive before 6:00 contact Mike or Kylie so that we can arrange to let you in the suite earlier.
􀀀 You may bring no more than one female guest into the suite to help you get ready.
􀀀 Please keep noise in the hallway & villa to a minimum so as not to disturb the other hotel guests.
􀀀 You may leave your belongings in the villa during the competition, the room will be locked; however, we do ask that you not leave valuable items, since we cannot be responsible for them.
􀀀 Be ready by 6:45. At that time we will line up, go over details & take pictures.
􀀀 We will make sure all applications are complete including: signed applications, initialed rule sheets, copy of Drivers License and Photo on file. Any missing items may be brought and turned in before the contest.
􀀀 Each contestant will be given items to throw to the crowd. (t-shirt and/or towel)
􀀀 At 7:15 we will be escorted by security to the stage area.

The Bikini Bombshell Contest Format: Emcee will be on stage at 7:30pm.
1.) Emcee welcomes everybody the to the Bikini Bombshell contest.
2.) Emcee introduces judges (seated at a table on risers to your right when on the stage).
3.) Emcee tells more about the event (Prizes etc).
4.) Contest starts! Music will be playing and the girls will enter the stage one at a time and in numerical order, starting with contestant #1. The Emcee will read the contestant's bio while they walk the stage and runway. While there are no set turns or poses on the stage, we ask that you pause and make turns as you see fit. NO LEWD DANCING allowed! Make sure you stop to face the judges to your RIGHT at the end of the runway. You will be judged at that time so don’t go too fast.
5.) After all girls go one at a time, the Emcee will announce that the contestants will all come back out one more time. This time you will all come out in a line, walk the run way one at a time when your name is said, then line up across the state (stage will be very full!! We may need to do this in two groups). Then the girls will leave the stage.
6.) There will be a 10 minute break to calculate scores. During that time the Emcee will read the cue cards telling more about this event in the upcoming weeks & other LLC events.
7.) The Emcee will be given the names of the Top 6. Please come on stage if your name is called.
8.) After the top 6 come off stage security will escort us all in a single file line back to the suite.
This should take about 45 minutes!

After the Competition:
􀀀 Back in the Villa prize bags will be given to the Top 6 contestants. The Top 6 will also have cash or LLC Gift Card prizes which need to be signed for.
􀀀 After collecting your prizes you may leave the suite and enter Party by the Pools Liquid Society, the featured band will begin at 8:30pm. (21 & up only, you will enter thru the regular entrance, you will need your ID). Contestants 21 & up will be given 1 free entry pass.
􀀀 Take all of your belongings when you leave the suite, you will not be able to return later.
􀀀 Have your guests/family/friends meet you in the large hall by Jack Daniels after the competition. They will not be allowed back in the villa area.
􀀀 If you do not make the Top 6, you may possibly participate the next week, provided that it’s not already full. Let Kylie know if you would like to compete again.

Your “Contestant Bio” that is read while you are on stage is created from the information on your application. We try to make them interesting and fun. The more information you put on your application the more we have to work with! If you think of something to add after you’ve turned it in, call and we’ll add it! Finalists may contact Kylie to make changes to their bio for the Finals if they desire, otherwise the information will be exactly the same.

Pictures will be posted on our event Facebook page after the contest!